The Panic In Parenthood

The word parenthood sends shivers down the spine of many couples. Most couples are always anxious even when they think it’s the right time to start a family. This is because most of them are in doubt if they can handle the responsibly of a baby while they can’t handle themselves in a proper manner. But these fears and anxiousness pass off after the first few months after the arrival of the baby and the new parents get the hang of it. Of late the question that causes the most amount of worry for parents to be is what happens to their professional life once the baby arrives?

The reasons for this angst
Most people would suggest taking your maternity leave for three months and then enrolling your little one in a childcare centre in Yio Chu Kang, and getting on with work. Although it seems like an amazing plan, it is a little difficult to pull off. Because life doesn’t become easy when you have to manage both a career and a wailing baby at the same time. You come home exhausted at the end of the day and your work hours haven’t ended, they have just started with your baby needing all you attention. The difficulty of raising kids while working is a big question to people’s well-being all over the world. People seem unable to come up with an answer to having a good work-life balance.

And it’s not like one parent can suddenly up and quit their job to be a stay at home parent. Expenses are sky high and especially childcare will create a huge dent on your bank balance, what with preschool, middle school, high school and university looming ahead of you. Paid maternity leave is only up to a time of three months after which it will be no pay leave for a valid enough reason. And most families who are on a tight budget do not have the luxury of enrolling their kids in a day care in order to get back to work, because these centres are very expensive. If you are interested about preschool you can visit this website

But this anxiety is reduced to a certain extent if we do consider some of the government plans put into action by certain countries. These policies include paid vacation and sick leave, free facilities and subsidized after-school activities and summer camps for the older kids. All these facilities tend to go a long way in reducing the burden of childcare on parents, and does not make them feel overwhelmed with the responsibility and helps them release a sigh of relief.