Investing In Beach Side Land Is A Good Retirement Plan

As we get older and closer to retirement some of us realize that we need to have some sort of plan once we retire. That is to say we need to have some form of income planned out to last us in our old age. Some may want to go for the safer option such as fixed deposits and such but another good option would be to invest. Now investing in socks and such in your old age could be a bit tricky unless you have a very good broker who will do everything for you. Those kinds of people are somewhat hard to come by. The best option in terms of investment would be to buy property. You can build something on it and give it out on rent. 

A lot of people now like the idea of going for a break to a beach house, places such as Indonesia for an example are having an upward trend of people visiting there. Just google villa for sale Bali and you will realize just how big the market there is. The demand is very high. It’s a tropical island and such caters to a lot of people’s dream getaway. Thus investing in one of those beach houses would be a very good idea. You have two options of getting about it though. You can either buy one that has already been built or you could buy the land and build one of your own. There is an obvious value difference between the two so it is up to you to decide which one you want to go with.

If you decide to build you own place you would have a lot more freedom in the design obviously. Just google property for sale Bali for an example if you are thinking of investing in Indonesia to find some good options. Regardless of how you invest make sure that you visit and then make decision. Especially if you are giving it out to people you will have to make sure that the location is a good one. Otherwise your whole investment would go down the drain. Fair enough it is sometimes tough to find a piece of land right next to the beach but make sure that the location is not too far away from the beach. It should be easily accessible from your house.

In most countries foreigners can’t exactly buy land. But there is usually a legal loophole around it. Make sure that you are aware of how it works in that particular country and make sure that you do everything legally. You wouldn’t want to lose the land after all the money you have poured into it now do you? You should keep in mind to budget for a manager and staff if you are planning on renting out the place. You can’t really run a good place without a good staff. It would be advisable to keep a good photographer on retainer as well. All in all this is a good investment and as such you should seriously consider it.