The Worst Part About Moving

So here you are today wondering what you should do. You are planning to move and all of a sudden it feels like the whole world is spinning. You have to sort out everything you own and organize it and then pack them all away to send to your new home. Everything is such a mess. Your current home looks like it was hit by a tornado. With things lying everywhere they shouldn’t be. Tee shirts on the kitchen counter. Your tool set sitting next your art supplies on the bed.

This of course isn’t the worst part about moving.

The worst part is when you stumble across all kinds of old things you don’t what to say good bye to yet. Your books, photographs, the Churidar you wore for your birthday three years ago, old yearbooks and even tickets to movies you enjoyed with your loved ones; you would find all of these things and you would find it difficult to leave them behind.

However saying goodbye is an important thing. You should learn to leave behind what doesn’t help you anymore. When the truck from the moving service from Chennai arrives, you should be willing to pack up your churidar and keep it in a box to be given away to the needy and find a move consultant or anyone else who could use it instead of sliding it into your luggage.

So saying goodbye to the things you don’t need anymore is important. It allows you to reduce the things you carry to your new home and most importantly, I allows your new home to be a home instead of a storage unit. Never hoard. If you want to carry everything you own you would have to pay huge fees to your moving company in Delhi, Chennai; anywhere in India really. Moving services can charge you extra in case you try to over load their vehicles. There is only so much a vehicle can carry after all.

One of the best ways to organize your things is by simply being true to yourself. Ask the question “Will I need this?” and be honest. You might think you can wear the old Churidar again but both of us know that is probably not going to happen. If you haven’t worn it within the past year, you are probably never going to wear it again. This is the honest truth. If you haven’t used something within a year, then you are probably not going to use it. Therefore if the answer is “No,” then leave the item behind. Give it away if you want, just don’t take it with you.

So go ahead and say goodbye to the things you wouldn’t need anymore. It will make moving out much easier.