Ways To Give Your Apartment The Makeover It Deserves

When you move into an apartment you have no choice but to make the best use out of it especially if you are on a tight budget. But this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have got to continue living a crappy life because of the state of your apartment. You could always give it a makeover and change it from a dump to a total glam. Here are a few ways you could do so;

Paint and color
What good would a place be if it had no color? Because after all color makes everything seem so much better. It could turn your crappy apartment into a fancy one with just a simple yet amazing condo renovation. Of course you would have to come across many rules and such set by your landlord, but don’t let that hold you back. If you cannot change the wall color opt to use fancy removable wall paper or you could even change the color of your furniture to highlight the area in a better and brighter way.

Design the floor
Certain apartments might come with the yucky ugly green floorboards or floor, but you could hide it and cover it all up with a large and fancy area rug that matches with the other furniture in the room and is of the perfect size. This way not only would you be able to cover up the ugly floor but also add warmth and comfort to your home.

A floating board display
Due to limited space in the apartment you would obviously have to come up with alternatives for the display you intend to create. A floating board display would be the ideal thing to adopt. You could use boards as a base and hang them up on the walls or even a thick book could act as your base to stack up other books over it, thus creating a floating book display.

Mirror on the wall
It is known that mirrors are the perfect furniture piece to brighten things up. So don’t hold back on putting up your favorite mirror on the wall. Make sure it has the right reflected scenery on it and is in a position to reflect light as well thus brightening the entire room and making it seem large.

Designing around things
There are certain things which are part of the apartment that you cannot change no matter how much you try, so designing around them is the best alternative. Hang up amazing paintings to brighten the walls, adjusting the lighting and furniture to go hand in hand, using lamps as an extra touch to things, filling in the blank and boring walls with a range of wall hangings or photographs decorated with fairy lights around them, are a few suggestions. However though if you still aren’t capable of working around things then getting down professional help from the best interior design companies in Singapore would be the ideal thing to do.

Make the best use of everything you’ve got and turn your apartment into the home sweet home you’ve always desired.